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Pommel Tops

Gym-Trix, the creator of the Ultra Dome, has added a Gymnastics Pommel Horse Top Trainer to the best circle trainer in the world! Safe and stable, the Pommel Top is the latest innovation in the pommel horse training. This new top adds yet another dimension to progressive horse training. Best of all, the Ultra Dome base interchanges with the Pommel Top trainer. Current Ultra Dome owners can order just the Pommel Top and accessory parts to make your Dome a complete pommel trainer!

The Pommel Top is easily detached for advanced training right on the floor, creating that extension which separates the best from the rest. The trainer comes with a pair of pommels and one extra long single pommel. You can also purchase additional parts such as just the top, double pommel handles and more so that you can modify your Ultra Dome to your needs.

Remember, Gym-Trix is the ORIGINAL manufacturer of the Ultra Dome. Anything else is just an imitation.

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