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Gym-Trix Equipment, LLC

was founded in 1984 for the purpose of distributing entirely new and innovative products to the gymnastics community. We are able to help customers design a new gym, re-design an existing facility to be more efficient, or simply add on to current thinking creating greater profitability in a program. We are re-sellers of new equipment and have access to sources for used equipment also. Many times we are able to save folks money through our unique ability for discovering just what they, the customer, wants/needs and then tailoring a purchase to fit. Since we have owned profitable gym programs in the past and present the consulting angle also works for us. Buy all your gymnastics equipment with Gym-Trix Equipment today.
Customer Testimonials
“We are what we repeatedly do… therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle
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“The Spring Beam is great! However, we have had limited use of the beam as we have been in season and have spent little time with the training of new skill which is where I see it being a great asset. Two areas we have been using the Beam are in Rehab work and Dismounts. Gymnasts that are coming back from injuries have found The Spring Beam to help regain their tumbling skills. That little extra The Spring Beam gives in landings and takeoffs, helps the athlete regain some confidence and to not pound their bodies as they return to their skills. Using The Spring Beam as a low beam into the foam pit has really improved their dismounts. This summer I expect it will be a permanent part of the rotation as our athletes go thru their new skill circuit. I will keep you informed.”

Tim Rand
American Twisters

“Our team loves the Gym-Trix Equipment, LLC The Spring Beam. Your innovative contributions to gymnastics equipment over the last two decades have benefited nearly every gym club in the country. Keep those ideas coming.” Regards,

Mike & Mary Milchanowski
Devlin Gymnastics, Wall, NJ

“Keeping athletes safe and healthy as they do the incredible numbers necessary to acquire new skills and routines is something all coaches must be concerned with. The Spring Beam’s ability to perform these functions is why I believe it is the beam of the future! Fantastic!!!”

Bela Karolyi
National Team Training Center
Huntsville, TX

Temple University received the adjustable The Spring Beam 1 year ago and it was great. Not only was the assembly easy but knowing that within seconds you could lower the beam for those working more risky skills was a relief. No more stacking mats under the beam!! My ladies love it. Being collegiate gymnasts, The Spring Beam is easier on the body and allows for greater repetition. All gyms should consider this new piece of equipment.

Aaron Murphy
Temple Women’s Gymnastics

We’ve had the beam now since our ’04 Hamline Gymnastics Camp in June and it has definitely served and continues to serve it’s purpose of provideing a very good floor beam that the girls love to work on. They’ve done just that – the beam is continually being used by both the college team and club gymnasts, alike. The biggest comment I hear is that it doesn’t hurt their feet. It has helped to increase our reps and it does provide a surface that the girls like and will use.
Thanks Bart.

Doug Byrnes
Head Coach Women’s Gymnastics
Hamline University
Spirit Gymnastics, Inc.

“We wanted to let you know that the new SPRING LOADED training beam has been way over due. With the level of difficulty in the optional skills, we appreciate your effort to develop state of the art technologically advanced equipment. As our program is moving into the elite level, we are very excited about using The Spring Beam as a training step before the actual competitive beam. I would love to see this beam someday become a competitive beam because I feel that it is more forgiving on the gymnast body.”

Thank you again,
Kellie & Hideo Mizoguchi
Owner/ Head Coaches
Champion Gymnastics Academy
Houston, Texas

“The equipment invented by Mr. Eyman and Mr. Wyman is truly amazing! Any equipment that enhances training while keeping it safe is equipment that is necessary for all gymnasticss facilities. Although the handstand trainer and The Spring Beam are my favorites, all of the equipment by Gym-Trix Equipment, LLC is extremely useful and can greatly enhance training when used wisely. If I still had a club, I would order as many The Spring Beams as my budget would allow!”

-KM Goeller

“My name is Rich Trevino owner of Trevino’s Gymnastics School I Lancaster, Texas. We have produced many State, Regional, and National Champions throughout our 19 years of operation. Currently our J.O. National Team member is training on this beam and she is as pleased as I am to see such a great new training device.
The Spring Beam by Gym-Trix Equipment, LLC. has the same effect as transferring training from a rod floor t o a competition floor. My athletes are able to train more repetitions of skills with less “overuse trauma” due to the softness of landings. This beams rebound capability allows coaches to quickly see kids learning the correct foot and ankle positions that aid in achieving more airtime during jumps and leaps. The beginner athletes are quickly able to feel, while rebounding, that “tightness equals height”.
It is great for round offs, front flips and 2 foot back handsprings or back flips. It enhances by 8”-12” the height of beam tumbling skills on an actual beam surface! Dismounts will gain additional airtime for completing twists or flipping skills already in the works as well as for new skill development.
I would recommend The Spring Beam for anyone serious about long term beam training for athletes!”

Rich Trevino

“We love this beam! It is very comfortable and “feels nice on the feet”. If someone is working on one end and another person jumps on the other end, it is hardly even felt! This makes it great at competitions for block warm-ups.”

Maine Academy of Gymnastics

Hi Bart!
Just wanted to thank you for our awesome floor. We have it all put together and all of the guys were SO thankful to see those springs already attached when it arrived. :)
Walter was super impressed with everything - we can’t thank you enough! You made a very daunting task as easy as it could be.

Thanks again!

Hi Bart!
Just wanted to thank you for our awesome floor. We have it all put together and all of the guys were SO thankful to see those springs already attached when it arrived. :)
Walter was super impressed with everything - we can’t thank you enough! You made a very daunting task as easy as it could be.

Thanks again!